The Journey Begins - Day minus one

Preparation Saturday night consisted of Craig going through all of my kit and throwing away stuff which wasn't needed, like boil in the bag rice, and my two bottles of shampoo and conditioner... I can't be too careful with my hairline!

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Day one

Todays Music - Monster.

Day one began with an early start, all awake and fed by 8am with the intention of being on the road by 9 as we started in Aberdeen we had to drive over to Eilean nan Gall on the west coast via Inverness. Once the car was finally packed we headed of at around Half 9. Later on we worked out that due to Stu drinking "some" red wine we actually only got about 4 hour’s sleep, good Start.
The drive over seems to last an age with the journey taking 5 hours! Paul managed to sleep most of the way over. We arrived near the mountain rescue post at 2 pm. Once we where ready to head to the coast for the picture (And taste of the water to make sure it was actually sea water) it was just before 3pm.


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After the above picture was taken we began the ride Eastwards through Kintail Forest, I'm not too sure why it is called a forest, as there aren't any trees there!

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I began to spot a pattern, as I was usually at the back of the pack, when the group crossed a "tricky" patch of land they stopped and got the cameras out to watch what would happen.

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This was the result of me trying to ride over a soggy patch of ground. As you can tell by these pictures I was a bit goosed so I didn't get the camera out much.

Shortly after the picture above I managed to break the chain on my bike, probably due to my awesome power while racing Craig.

As Craig didn't want to get his hands dirty I had to handle all the chain bits, but due to my incompitance he had to sort it out and get his hands dirty. When the chain was put back together I had lost about 3 links from it, so this meant I had limited gears, basically I had to use cogs which where in a straight line. I took this to mean I only had three gears.

We arrived at Alltbeithe, a hostel in the hills where we could have stayed, but we had planned on a wild camp for the first night. So we pushed on to Loch Affric. We arrived at Loch Affric at around 11pm and began setting up the tents. Stuart proclaimed that this was the best setup he has ever done with his tent. The wind blowing of the loch kept the midges and clegs (Horse fly's) away so it was quite a good spot.

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We setup the stoves on the recessed beach and got some water on the boil, this was when I realised that we where actually going to ride across the country! The hills we had crossed so far where not that steep but where mostly un-ridable so some of us (Me and Paul) where worried what we had let ourselves in for. The boil in the bag meals and hot drinks where much needed as the efforts of the day had taken there toll. We eventually finished all the meals and hot drinks at around half past one! and got some well deserved sleep.

Paul and me slept in the red tent, and while we where awake all we could hear was the wind rattling the other tent. when we looked at it in the morning it looked like it was constructed by monkeys...

Day 2